The devastating floods of Queensland, Australia have completely washed out commercial centres such as Brisbane and Rockhampton. The deadly surge of floodwaters threaten to wash out a further 20,000 houses in Brisbane, Australia’s third largest city. Central Brisbane is now a ghost town, with electricity supply cut and its people evacuated. The death toll from the flash floods now stands at 12 with many more reported missing as the floods extend to all 50 of Brisbane’s suburbs. Overall, Queensland’s flooding has caused billions of dollars in damage and affected 200,000 people, with more loss and damage forecast.

The floods are devastating for the residents and businesses in the area, and will hit Australia’s economy hard, with estimations of up to 1% being cut from Australia’s economic growth in 2011, a reduction of 13 billion Australian Dollars (£8.2 billion). The floods, that have destroyed much of the western coast of Australia, have a larger impact on global markets such as steelmaking – 5% of the coking coal used to produce the steel has been removed by the floods. This is due to force up prices within the industry by a third or more in 2011.

Infrastructures and networks have been destroyed and in such vast obliteration of civilisation, it is hard to see where any plans of continuity and asset protection will take affect, but to prove resilient is key in any circumstance.

In light of this current devastation, it makes good business sense to prepare and protect your company and its assets for any possible eventuality, so that, whatever the disaster, you have the ability to continue business productivity as quickly and smoothly as possible. Protecting company and client data as well as putting systems in place whereby you can continue to service clients and operate ‘business as usual’ is vital to good business practice. Installing an effective and robust business continuity system will ensure that your business, employees and clients are supported in the event of an unexpected disaster, as well as demonstrate to your clients you are resilient and reliable.

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