The National Forest publish case studies for each company that takes part in their quest to create 200 square miles of new woodland across the heart of the country.  This is IMSM’s Success Story – you can find the original case study on the National Forest website under ‘Sponsorship and Support’.

Raise the profile and reputation of your business, and increase your market place leverage.

IMSM are worldwide industry leading consultants delivering on the implementation of ISO standards, on a fixed fee, trouble free basis. Recognised internationally, ISO standards specify the requirements for operating procedures and systems, together with conformity practices and assessment.

IMSM promotes success through people, both internally with employees and externally with clients and suppliers. Developing business relationships built on integrity and quality, through our mutual support of projects such as the UK’s boldest environmental campaign, The National Forest.

IMSM invited clients to plant trees in Poppy Wood, offering tangible and proactive actions demonstrating their shared green credentials. In early 2010, IMSM began an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Initiative, which saw them purchase a two year old tree, known as a whip, on the behalf of their clients that purchased the ISO standard. An additional whip was purchased on behalf of IMSM mirroring their client’s environmental commitment.

As an international company, we are very aware of our carbon footprint and impact on the environment as well as our clients’. If we are to promote the benefits of ISO 14001, we need to live and breathe our own green credentials; to be able to actively demonstrate our support of The National Forest and additionally to get our clients involved is a really positive and beneficial cause for IMSM to be involved with. We are planning on making this an annual event as a result of the success of this initial tree planting day.

Andrew Brewerton, Marketing Manager.

Additionally, IMSM decided against the traditional Christmas card in 2010 and opted for an e-card. The money that would have been spent on buying and sending Christmas cards was instead spent on buying more trees to plant in the forest area currently being created by The National Forest.

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