ISO IDMP is an international standard for the identification of medicinal products. This is the first standard of its kind, until now there has been no way of identifying medical substances on a global level.

ISO IDMP is a collaborative of five standards. ISO 11240 for health informatics – identifies the data elements and structures of unique association and exchanges of units of measurement. ISO 11238 regulates the information of substances. ISO 11239 for packaging, pharmaceutical dose forms, routes of admin, and units of presentation. ISO 11615 for regulated medicinal product information. And finally ISO 11616 for regulated pharmaceutical product information.

The standard has been created to enable international global healthcare delivery. The ISO is designed for Pharmaceutical drug researchers, developers, manufacturers, distributors, registration authorities, product safety analysts, and quality control. The USA, Canada and Switzerland are already supporting the introduction of the standard, with Russia, Japan and Australia also expressing some interest.

The European Medicines Agency EMA already mandated compliance at the beginning of July this year.

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