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Renowned supermarket chain Wm Morrison has confirmed that an employee was arrested in Leeds; close to the supermarkets headquarters in Bradford on Monday 17th March in connection with the theft of 100,000 staff salaries and bank details, which were published online last week.

23Morrisons took to Facebook as soon as they were informed of the breach; informing its employees of the issue and telling them what steps it is taking to limit the damage. However employees appear rather angry and confused forcing rather irate responses on both Facebook and Twitter:

‘I don’t understand why the files were not encrypted?’

‘Why am I finding this out through friends on Twitter?’

Another added: ‘Reading about this on Facebook does not inspire confidence; we should have been notified by phone by our HR departments first thing this morning.’

Morrisons also later stated. ‘We can confirm there has been no loss of customer data and no colleague will be left financially disadvantaged.’
However the damage already seems to be done, as after the warning was sent shares were down by 12 per cent and saw the supermarket pledge to cut prices to compete with Aldi and Lidl.  This is not good news for Morrisons, as the company has also only just reported a £176m loss, and warned that profits in the coming year would be less than £375m, about half the level of last year’s.

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