ISO Specialists IMSM with clients in the National ForestFor the second successive year running, international ISO consultancy IMSM Ltd., have visited Poppy Wood in The National Forest to plant trees. This project is one of the boldest and most ambitious environmental projects in the UK, creating a new forest for the nation, across 200 square miles of the heart of England. Spearheading the initiative is The National Forest Company, established by Government in 1995, guaranteed and sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

IMSM teamed up with The National Forest as part of their ISO 14001 Environmental Management Initiative in early 2010. In a bid to offer a tangible and proactive demonstration of their shared green credentials, IMSM purchase a two year old tree, known as a whip, on the behalf of each of their ISO 14001 clients. An additional whip was purchased on behalf of IMSM mirroring their client’s environmental commitment. In early March, towards the end of the current planting season, IMSM joined by their ISO 14001 clients spent the day planting native broad leaf trees such as Ash and Oak.  

IMSM, alongside other companies such as Astrazeneca, E.ON, TNT and Balfour Beatty, is helping the National Forest transform the landscape, as well as stimulating economic growth and regeneration. Working in partnership with The National Forest Company, IMSM is helping to create and continue development of the Forest, by planting trees in an affordable way.ISO Specialists IMSM with clients in the National Forest

The tree planting helps IMSM’s clients to publicise their own commitment to environmental issue, acting as a practical and physical statement of their intention to reduce their impact on the environment. Also, it provides a good opportunity to put the reasons for obtaining the ISO 14001 into practise.

“We are always looking for ways to show our commitment to sustainability and the protection and improvement of the environment as a whole. The opportunity to plant trees at Poppy Wood is an excellent way for us to do this,” says IMSM client, Warren Stevenson of Toureen Mangan, “The value of planting trees in this way is several fold; environmental, sustainable and has clear commercial and practical benefits for us as a business. I don’t think that the day could have been improved upon!”

“Planting trees is a wonderful way to make a positive contribution to the environment – and it makes you feel good to be alive at the same time,” comments Lynne Richards, Head of Fundraising at The National Forest. “We are incredibly grateful to IMSM for supporting our work and look forward to seeing you in the Forest soon.”

Andrew Brewerton, Marketing Manager at IMSM explains why they do it, “As an international company, we are very aware of, not only our own, but also our clients’ carbon footprint and impact on the environment as well as our clients’.  If we are to promote the benefits of ISO 14001, we need to live and breathe our own green credentials; to be able to actively demonstrate our support of The National Forest and additionally to get our clients involved is a really positive and beneficial cause for IMSM to be involved with.  We are excited to see this initiative, in conjunction with The National Forest, grow year on year. Each outing has been equally successful and enjoyed by all our clients.” 

If you would like to find out how your company can improve its environmental credentials or about any other ISO standards, please visit or alternatively call 01793 688990.

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