The average person gets 1 interruption every 8 minutes. That’s around 7 an hour, or 50-60 per day. With the average interruption taking 5 minutes, the total time spent dealing with them is around 4 hours per day. Unfortunately, 80% of the interruptions are also considered of little or no value!

sol_comBiggest Distractions at Work:

• 48%: Surfing the web
• 33%: Socialising with co-workers
• 30%: Personal business
• 19%: Personal phone calls
• 15%: Prolonged breaks

People are most likely to call in sick on Friday and least likely on a Tuesday.
A 2% drop in body fluid levels can result in difficulty focusing, short-term memory and difficulty with basic sums.

Biggest Time-Wasting Excuses:

• 18%: “My friends, co-workers and relatives are distracting.”
• 19%: “My hours are too long.”
• 24%: “My lack of deadlines or incentives.”
• 34%: “I feel underpaid!”
• 46%: “My lack of work satisfaction.”

Office workers spend an average 50 minutes per day looking for things, including lost files.
One minute in every four-and-a-half minutes is spent on social networks and blogs.

TSBB_Morale-440x293Work-Related Enemies of Productivity:

• 54%: Fixing other people’s work
• 47%: Office politics
• 42%: Waiting for co-workers on a project
• 42%: Work meetings or events
• 33%: Administration

Over the past 20 years we’ve increased our working hours by 15% and decreased our leisure time by 33%.
Throughout our lifetime, we spend an average 4 years on the phone at work (excluding calls at home for office workers).

Over a lifetime, the average Brit spends an average 366 days off sick.

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