Northumberland based company, FileBase, enlisted the expertise of IMSM Ltd to guide them to ISO certification.

FileBase is an Information Management company that ensures corporate data is secure, in order and retrievable. Its comprehensive range of services encompass every part of the information lifecycle; from safe storage of sensitive documentation (such as medical records and legal files), digitizing, scanning, backup and disaster recovery right through to shredding and recycling.

Since its establishment in the early 1990’s by Mr. T Sanderson, FileBase has since grown from strength to strength, currently boasting over 150 clients in the North East of England. Their success is mostly due to the diversification of media, new legislation such as the Data Protection Act and the general increase in both the volume and importance of corporate information in governance.

IMSM Ltd began working with FileBase to guide them to Certification for ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 27001 Information & Data Security Standards which they achieved in just under a year, becoming fully certified in September 2010.

FileBase had always had strict internal quality management processes, but decided to align itself with the externally audited, internationally recognised standards for two reasons: firstly, to reassure customers of its impeccable quality service and procedures, particularly vital given the high-trust nature of the industry, and secondly, the company decided to obtain these certificates in order to enhance its procedures, making them more robust and effective.

Marketing Director, Mr. Wayne Ryton highlights how the ISO instills a certain level of client confidence, he comments, “Many of our public and private sector clients are ISO certified themselves and wanted confidence that their suppliers shared the same high standards.” FileBase is currently the only Information Management Company in the North East with ISO 27001, Information and Data Security Certification, an important competitive advantage that helps them to attract new clientele who want to ensure their information is managed securely.

Key defining values of IMSM Ltd are its commitment to delivering the highest levels of service and ensuring its clients are market leaders. Mr. Ryton continues, “In becoming ISO Certified, IMSM’s guidance and support was invaluable. The whole procedure was logical and seamless. IMSM enabled us to carry on ‘business as usual’ whilst processes were changing and new procedures were being implemented. They delivered exactly what they said they would – on time and on budget – a refreshing change!”

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