SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement)

SSIP Certification with IMSM saving you the most cherished of resources - time & money

If you have been advised to join a pre-qualification scheme, or are thinking of being assessed to help ensure that you are meeting basic health and safety standards – then contacting an SSIP Forum member is a very sensible first step.

SSIP for Contractors:

Contractors are required to demonstrate to clients that they have basic health and safety. Successful pre-qualification is a powerful tool in securing new business faster for contractors in your industry sector.

This allows for concentration on the project or job specific tasks of ensuring that suppliers have: specific experience in the type of work that they will be contracted to do; that they have trained staff; and that they have the resources to meet the clients needs.

Pre-qualification schemes exist, which though necessary, can be a huge source of frustration, acting as a barrier to growth for many contractors. IMSM can reduce significantly the costs required from businesses working to improve health and safety. IMSM in partnership with SSIP CB, work to actively reduce the time taken to progress through stage 1. Whilst working to ensure that you fill in far fewer health and safety assessments and fast tracking maximization opportunities for increased exposure and recognition as an SSIP worksafe contractor.

SSIP for Consultants:

Consultants have a requirement under the CDM 2007 regulations to establish their competence at Stage 1 to undertake the commission required by the client. This can be done individually, however, often time is wasted with many similar requests from each client on every commission.

The SSIP Forum enables consultants to prequalify under the CDM appendix 4 requirements streamlining this process. IMSM working in partnership with SSIP CB, a member of the SSIP Forum, can support your application, reducing significantly the costs required from businesses working to improve health and safety.

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