Success with ISO certification

Organisations that achieve ISO certification enjoy proven benefits such as an increased return on investment (ROI), increased client base and cost savings as a result of improved efficiencies. To read about the experiences of some of valued clients, click on the logos and links below.

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  • Docunet  
    Docunet has been delivering digitally based, on demand printing for 18 years. Their core business comes from printing information or construction manuals for purchased items and reprographics mainly for the engineering industry. Most of Docunet’s customers are in the medical field, it is for this reason that they sought help from IMSM. "Our local IMSM Area Manager listened to our needs and consulted us on what was best for Docunet in their professional opinion; for us, they seemed the obvious option. IMSM really presented themselves well, and the work that they did with us was invaluable. "IMSM helped direct Docunet towards ISO 9001 certification, which took 6 months. IMSM offered to manage the documentation for us but, out of choice, I opted to prepare and write it all myself.  IMSM stepped in when I had specific questions about certain clauses, which IMSM helped to clarify and advised where we needed to focus our work."

    Mr. Jay Wilinski, Quality Manager

  • Anderson Dahlen  
    Anderson Dahlen are contract manufacturers, specialising in the machining, welding, fabricating and assembly of stainless steel.  80% of their business is related to the food processing industry, providing stainless steel equipment.  It took Anderson Dahlen 8 months to become certified. "Our IMSM Assessor put in a lot of time and effort; they did a really good job for us, helping to organise what we had here.  We had a lot of the pieces in place, they just weren’t put together, which IMSM helped us to do.  We have a system in place now and we continually follow up on everything. "The locality of the IMSM Area Manager was a real plus for us.  To have someone local to us who we could ask questions, get answers and go back and forth easily was a big factor for us. "The process went well, IMSM did a great job working with us, we really appreciate how IMSM helped us to organise the company.  IMSM made it a whole lot easier for us by pointing us in the right directions.  As far as the program goes, I think it has been a great success for Anderson Dahlen, by keeping us on track, improving the quality and being able to work with larger customers."

    Mr. Steve Head, Business Improvement Director

  • Print By Laser  
    Print By Laser, based in the North of England, delivers a range of specialist, litho-printed products such as case note folders as well as bound books, die cut folders, NCR and brochures. Established over 11 ago, the company boasts an impressive list of clients including several NHS trusts, councils and hospitals. Print By Laser acquired its ISO 9001 standard in 2000 and its ISO 14001 standard in 2004, to satisfy the expectations of several of its clients. "IMSM guided us through the process of obtaining both certificates; they provided a lot of help setting everything up. Our IMSM consultant was extremely approachable; we felt that we could ask them anything at all. We enjoyed working with IMSM to further establish our quality standards as we grow from strength to strength."

    Mr. Chris Murley, Director

  • Filebase  
    In December 2009, the Northumberland (UK) based company, FileBase, enlisted the expertise of IMSM Ltd to guide them to ISO certification. FileBase is an Information Management company that ensures corporate data is secure, in order and retrievable. IMSM began working with FileBase to guide them to Certification for ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 27001 Information & Data Security Standards which they achieved in just under a year, becoming fully certified in September 2010. "Many of our public and private sector clients are ISO certified themselves and wanted confidence that their suppliers shared the same high standards. "Key defining values of IMSM are its commitment to delivering the highest levels of service and ensuring its clients are market leaders.  In becoming ISO Certified, IMSM’s guidance and support was invaluable. The whole procedure was logical and seamless. IMSM enabled us to carry on ‘business as usual’ whilst processes were changing and new procedures were being implemented.  They delivered exactly what they said they would – on time and on budget - a refreshing change!"

    Wayne Ryton, Marketing Director

  • Custom Computer Cables  
    Custom Computer Cables of America (CCCoA), headquartered in Garland, Texas, is a leading manufacturer of custom fiber optic and copper cable wire harnesses delivering to clients around the world. CCCoA became certified in 2010 and believe the ISO will act as a prominent vehicle to drive their business forward in 2011. "IMSM became a tactical team member in the planning and execution of becoming certified.  Upon meeting with IMSM, who explained everything thoroughly, ISO certification went very well and we hit our due date of when we wanted to be certified.  We already had a lot of systems in motion, so once IMSM helped us to realise exactly what needed to be done, it only took 6 weeks."

    Mr. Jay Chenault, President & CEO

    "Though we had carefully planned the ISO certification process, many unforeseen items were reviewed and discussed with the IMSM team. These discussions and planning sessions made the actual certification process much easier and less time consuming. IMSM stood out to us because of the value of what they had to offer and I had used their services whilst at another company in Texas, who were re-certified last year. I liked what they had to offer - the marketing, the training - as opposed to what other companies offered."

    Mr. Brian Parker, Operations Manager

  • Quick Filter Technologies  
    Quickfilter Technologies, located in Allen, Texas, are a fabless semiconductor company. Quickfilter provides cost effective digital filtering solutions for the industrial, medical, automotive, defence, and consumer markets. Quickfilter Technologies reached ISO 9001: 2008 certification in June 2010.  They found they learned a lot about their company and their employees as well as learning a lot about other companies of our size that have been through the same process. "The journey was a lot of work, but very instructive.  In our particular case, the process took about 6 months. Quickfilter had been considering ISO 9001 certification for some time before we were approached by IMSM.  A lot of our team had come from larger companies who had achieved ISO 9001 certification and had already experienced the costs and the benefits in getting that certification.  At Quickfilter, we weren’t quite sure we could handle the overall cost.  In talking with IMSM consultants, they explained how IMSM operated and how experienced they are in dealing with companies such as ours.  IMSM detailed a program that enabled us to achieve our objective at a very reasonable cost. "At first, we were rather intimidated by the whole process.  We felt it would be costly and very time consuming.  But the IMSM team were very good about explaining the process, and what was expected and how that fit in with our normal business tasks.  After several discussions, we soon realized that our initial fears were unjustified.  The process was smooth and very professional."

    Mr. Tony Valentino, Chief Operating Officer

  • Sendrig Construction  
    Sendrig Construction is family run construction company founded in 1981. Operating in and around the North East of the UK, Sendrig works with a variety of customer such as universities and government. As well as their construction services, in the last five years Sendrig has expanded and extended in to landscaping and gritting services; they have now grown in to a leading property maintenance company. “Our IMSM Assessor was excellent, they were extremely helpful. If we had any teething problems using the system, they came out to our offices and went through it all with us. In dealing with IMSM, they were always there if we needed them or had any problems, but to be honest we found the system set up so user friendly that we found it really easy to use. “Working with IMSM has been really easy, they have been very accommodating. You get plenty of choice with audit dates and times; they do not dictate which day they are coming. Our Assessor and everybody we have dealt with at IMSM have never given us any problems. We never felt that messages didn’t get passed on or anything like that. They just provided a really good service!”

    Mr. Graeme Lee, Managing Director

  • Vaughan Industries  
    Vaughan Industries designs and produces electronic components, based in Cornwall, manufacturing for the UK, Chinese as well as global markets. In the past 3 years, Vaughan Industries has doubled its workforce and capability and trebled the size of its premises. Vaughan Industries became ISO 9001 certified as a result of demand from a major Chinese customer and used IMSM’s services to acquire the ISO certifications. “IMSM were extremely helpful, our IMSM consultant was brilliant. There are a lot of peculiarities in our particular industry, and our IMSM consultant had plenty of ideas to help us work out how best to adapt the procedures. Rather than just telling us what to do like a Sergeant Major, our consultant established a strong relationship with us from the beginning, working with us closely to propose the best ideas and suggesting the best possible improvements. They were there when we needed them, but they never got in the way.”

    Dr. Mark Vaughan, Managing Director

  • The Cox Group  
    The Cox Group is a multi-disciplined highly-diverse organisation that provides services to collect, manage, sort and recycle waste throughout South East England. Established in 1979, the company has grown tremendously, and today it is made up of 3 main divisions: Cox Skips, skip hire; Team Waste Southern Ltd., a multi-collection trade waste service; and The Recycling Partnership Ltd., a waste recyclables collection company. IMSM initially visited The Cox Group to implement the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, to complement this; The Cox Group subsequently acquired ISO 14001 Environmental Management. These Management Systems were further enhanced by obtaining OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management. “The Cox Group used IMSM’s consultancy services to obtain all of three qualifications. IMSM greatly helped us to increase the strength of its quality at work systems. The industry knowledge, experience and un-rivalled assistance that IMSM has offered us to date supported and continually developed our company with each quality system that we operate”.

    Mr. Tony Page, Director, The Cox Group

    “Our annual external assessments on all the Quality Management Systems are audited competently through thorough investigations by approved consultants on behalf of IMSM. IMSM’s advice, understanding and support towards our company’s ongoing systems improvements have proved invaluable in helping it to progress and develop. IMSM strive to offer the same consultants each year which brings a higher level of experience and knowledge to business operations whilst reducing the repetitive administrative burden that would be involved on initial assessments. We are grateful to IMSM for their support and professionalism over the past years and look forward to a continuance of an excellent business relationship in the future.”

    Mr. Stephen Tytherleigh, Group Accountant

  • DAU Components Limited  
    DAU Components Ltd formed in 1977 and specialises in passive electronic components, electronic systems, thermal management and 'e-mech' components. Recently, they have made a successful move into supplying LEDs to a leading automotive supplier. DAU distribute throughout Europe and the Far East, working closely with customers to provide parts to their specific requirements, focusing their efforts on a core range of products, and recognising that holding an ISO accreditation is an essential prerequisite for business today. “IMSM is a highly experienced professional consultancy, delivering consistent ISO standards and other business services. They have added value to DAU Components by highlighting where we had exceptional business strengths, which differentiates ourselves from our competitors. DAU receive an annual ISO 9001 Quality Management System independent audit, which is very important to the business as we grow and move forward. The annual audit ensures we remain on track and that continuous improvement activity is tracked and in-line with developing the business.”

    Mr. Jon Davies, Technical Manager

  • B2 Business Systems Ltd  
    Established for 20 years, B2 Business Systems Ltd. (B2) started out as a door to door Xerox Photocopier reseller. Gradually B2 employed more and more specialised IT staff, until eventually they formed their own IT department selling IT solutions. On the back of selling the photocopiers and printers, they also began selling paper and stationary and subsequently another branch of the business was developed, selling office supplies. B2 understood that they would have to go through some significant changes in the way the company is run and the way it works in order to stay competitive. “We have found ourselves creating things and changing processes in ways that we would never have thought of without the ISO guidelines in place. “Our IMSM Assessor was absolutely fantastic; they knew exactly what they were doing. They came in and had a chat with us initially, then came back in and did the assessment with us. They then presented us with the manual, which we were all a bit scared to even look at, but when we did it was very satisfying when we realised that, yes, we do that and it sounds really good! Our Assessor was brilliant throughout the whole process, even the after support was offered for whenever we had questions and it’s been great for things like that. In terms of the support from them, it’s been very good.”

    Mr. Ian Challinor, Implementation Manager

  • Mantis Cranes  
    After gaining ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 with IMSM, Mantis Cranes contacted us for help securing ISO 14001 certification. Already, the standard is proving its worth when approaching new customers. Based in County Durham, Mantis Cranes is the UK's number one self-erecting crane supplier. The company supplies crane solutions for construction projects throughout the country. So it's essential for Mantis Cranes to show it takes quality, safety and environmental standards seriously. "IMSM had been instrumental in gaining our two standards – so they were the natural choice for helping us become ISO 14001 certified. They were helpful throughout the whole process. Not only were they easy to work with, they were flexible too and always willing to fit round our schedule. Following a pre-assessment, IMSM's assessor conducted a comprehensive audit.“

    Philip Brown, Mantis Cranes

  • Bespoke Concrete Products  
    Bespoke Concrete Products Ltd is a bespoke pre-cast concrete and stone manufacturing business supplying custom made products to a broad spectrum of industry. Since its inception in 1992 Bespoke Concrete Products (BCP) has gone from strength to strength. The company has built a reputation for the production of high quality precast concrete and cast stone products servicing many Construction, Civil Engineering, Highways and Domestic projects. BCP implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management; they wanted something which assured their customers that they are committed to not only offering top quality products but also reassure that their procedures are continually reviewed to ensure that they were the best they could be. “At our initial meeting IMSM showed they were knowledgeable and experienced whilst still very approachable, that is why we chose to use them. They proved an excellent decision; they have been very helpful throughout all our dealings with them. Our IMSM Consultant offered some fantastic assistance and ideas which had minimal disruption but maximum impact with our quality procedures. The whole process was painless and very tailored to our business and its needs. We would certainly recommend them.”

    Mrs. Michelle Walton, Quality Representative 

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