Why is ‘Double Opt-In’ important?

BY Rebecca Randles ON 26th May 2015.



Why is ‘Double Opt-In’ important?

Within Email Marketing there are many options around ‘E-Blasts’ for instance; is the marketing material going to be sent to an opt-in list, opt- out, double opt-in or confirmed opt-in list? Below we explain the different options:

Opt- in, also commonly known as ‘single opt-in’ means that an individual never automatically signs up for any email list. They are enrolled on an email list as an eventuality of filling out a registration form.

Opt- out is seen as a rather old fashioned way to build an email list. People are sent a form to fill out and there is usually a box at the bottom, which is already ticked, saying ‘I would like to sign up for your newsletter’

So…what is double opt-in?

Double opt-in is when an individual signs up to your email list. To enable them to sign up for your emailing list, you must first send them a confirmation email with a link (which they must click on) to add them to the list.

Confirmed opt-in, is similar in many ways to the opt-in method, however once someone signs up to your email list, you send them an email saying ‘thank you’ which contains an unsubscribe link.

As of July 2014 CASL “Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation” came into effect. The act states that anyone emailing Canada, must comply with the following elements:

  1. All email addresses must be permission-based
  2. All emails must contain an easy-to-find unsubscribe link
  3. The subject line must pertain to the content
  4. Identify your name and business