Supermarket to scrap the 5p carrier bag

BY Olivia Franklin ON 18th September 2017.



The ‘carrier bag policy’ was rolled out in 2015 to encourage customers to re-use their shopping bags and to stop buying new ones. Since the scheme has been introduced, the number of bag requests have gone down by more than 80 percent in England (Source:

Now Tesco is to take it one step further by scrapping their 5p bags entirely and replacing them with only their ‘Bags for life’.  Shoppers will have to bring in their own bags or opt for the ‘bag for life’ from August 28th2017.

After testing this new system in select stores within the country; it was discovered that the purchasing of bags fell by almost a quarter.

Matt Davies, Chief executive of Tesco, said: “Todays move will help our customers use even fewer bags. It’s the right thing to do for the environment and for local communities.”

Environment minister Therese Coffey added “I welcome Tesco’s decision. The switch to a bag for life will continue to help reduce litter and boost recycling.”

Shoppers online will still be able to opt-in for bags for life or select delivery without a bag for life, which more than half of Tesco customers are already doing.