NEW ISO published for sustainable procurement

BY Veronica Bowen ON 28th April 2017.


Regardless of whether a business is large or small, procurement plays a massive part in an organisation. Sustainable procurement includes ensuring an organisation’s suppliers act ethically and that the products or services purchased are sustainable whilst helping address social, environmental or economic issues.

ISO 20400 has just been published as the first International Standard in the world for sustainable procurement. ISO 20400 supplies guidelines for integrating sustainability into a company’s procurement policy by defining principles such as transparency and accountability. The standard encourages organisations to have ethical practices across all areas – from conditions in the workplace and risk management to impact on the environment.

“It is no longer enough for businesses to rely on suppliers to provide them with what they want, no questions asked. Organisations benefit greatly from getting to know their suppliers – understanding what their requirements are as well – to ensure their demands are not unrealistic and that the suppliers they work with have good, ethical practices,” Jacques Schramm – Chair of ISO/PC 277 (the project board that developed ISO 20400)

Adopting sustainable procurement principles help organisations make sustainable purchasing a way of life.