ISO 22000 Revision Latest

BY Rebecca Randles ON 20th May 2015.

ISO 22000 Revision Latest

Consumers are increasingly concerned and aware of where their food comes from. They take an active interest in ensuring they are buying on an informed decision. Tailored and efficient management of your processes will prevent food safety failures and associated costs, whilst increasing legal compliance.

Public, private sector and governments internationally are increasingly regarding ISO 22000 as a guarantee of food safety, quality and security.


The ISO 22000 food safety management standard is now in the process of being revised. Like with all standards, the ISO 22000 is revised every few years to make sure it stays relevant and up-to-date.

The first publication of ISO 22000 was produced in 2005 since then manufacturers, consumers and the government have seen changes in food safety requirements.

After ISO members met in February 2015 to discuss this, it was decided that the revision group will tackle the following points:


  • Clarify certain key concepts, especially critical control points required to be managed, operational programmes needed, approach to risks, product withdrawal and recall, and a combination of external control measures
  • Update terms and definitions
  • Make the standard simpler and more concise
  • Avoid making the content too prescriptive
  • Ensure a greater coverage of SMEs


The revised standard is expected to be published in 2017.

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