Google’s youngest employee to start up own rival business

BY Olivia Franklin ON 1st August 2017.


Falon Fatemi became Google’s youngest employee at the age of 19 whilst taking under graduate classes. During her time with the global giant, Fetemi noticed how much time was spent trawling through endless result pages. Fetemi noticed a gap in the market and left Google to create ‘Node’ – a new search engine that works by indexing people, places, products, and companies instead of web pages.

“Search is really great when you know what you’re looking for, but we’re living in a world where there is more information created in a single day than in the past 90 years,” said Fatemi.

Node is currently integrated with Salesforce (a cloud computing company), customers can ask questions like “What company will be most interested in my product?” Node will tell the customer who or what they need to connect with, why it came up with that answer, and even what to say to make the most of the opportunity.

At this moment in time, Node is focusing on establishing itself in the sales and marketing space, working with businesses to find potential revenue sources. So far, Node has made over $100 million in customer revenue and identified $4 billion in revenue for businesses and marketeers.

From her days starting out in Google, Fatemi has managed to develop a search engine that might be powerful enough to take on the internet giant. She hopes Node will develop into an intelligence layer of the internet – making sense of everyone and everything.

Watch this space.