652 hotels fail food hygiene inspection

BY Veronica Bowen ON 28th March 2017.

652 hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs in Britain have failed their food hygiene inspections, some of which included businesses with 5* and 4* ratings.

Inspectors discovered seafood was utilised past its expiry date and high-risk food was stored with zero temperature controls, these were just a few of the reasons many businesses failed their food safety inspections, according to a survey conducted by ‘Which Travel’.

ISO 22000:2005 is a food safety management system which complies with current food safety standards to ensure businesses are secure enough to meet growing food requirements. ISO 22000 helps to identify food safety hazards and increase traceability and efficiency.

Achieving ISO 22000 certification demonstrates to both consumers and suppliers that food safety is treated seriously within a business. Achieving the certification can also save money by preventing additional costs caused by food safety failures and protects the business’s reputation whilst increasing legal compliance.

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