Licence Bureau Ltd

BY Rebecca Randles ON 3rd February 2015.

Licence Bureau Ltd. service provides quick employee driver licence checks against current DVLA and DVLNI records followed up by continual and automatic re-checking. Licence Bureau Ltd. was the first company to develop a unique driving licence verification system based on a three year mandate accessing the DVLA driver database. Their service complies with the requirements of the DVLA and the Data Protection Act providing their customers with clear, concise and meaningful reports. Licence Bureau’s comprehensive range of driver checking services includes driving licences, driver MOTs, insurance, vehicle excise duty (VED), eyesight and health.

Licence Bureau Ltd. is the first business within their sector to gain the ISO 27001 Information and Data Security certificate. Between their ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Quality Management, Mr. Malcolm Maycock, Director, believes they are essential to Licence Bureau’s continued progression and success.

Licence Bureau’s customer base includes 20% of the FTSE 100, meaning they handle a lot of personal data for highly important blue chip companies and so their ISO standards are integral, giving their high profile customers confidence in Licence Bureau. Their customer’s employees are not dealt with directly; they sign a consent form that allows Licence Bureau access to their record at the DVLA. Licence Bureau then carry out regular checks dependant on the employee’s risk profile (i.e. points on their licence) and this information is fed back to the customer.

“We go through penetration testing every couple of months through our website by one major blue chip or another, so it is really important that, at all times, we are making sure that our processes and procedures are correct, because one fault or problem with them, and we could lose the client.

Licence Bureau initially completed ISO 9001 Quality Management, which Mr. Maycock believes to be a must, because without the framework of ISO 9001 there are likely to be difficulties with the ISO 27001, “ISO 9001 makes ISO 27001a lot easier because you can use a lot of the documentation twice. They do compliment each other nicely, and anyone wishing to do the ISO 27001, I suggest they complete ISO 9001 first.

Mr. Maycock details that ISO has helped improve the company in all aspects. In particular winning tenders and sustaining customers who wouldn’t even consider Licence Bureau without the ISO certificates. “It is not a case of ‘the ISO has won us this’, it is a case of ‘we would not have even been in the game if we didn’t have the ISO’.”

A natural future progression for Licence Bureau, Mr. Maycock feels, is the increasingly widely adopted ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, “Being ‘green’ seems to be very much a part of what a lot of organisations require from their suppliers for their own benefit if they already have the ISO 14001. They want a quantifiable consistency in passing their own ISO 14001 through what their suppliers do. And part of what we do, as Licence Bureau, relates to CO2 emission which applies directly to our customers’ ISO 14001, so further endorsing our green credentials and what we do.”

Mr. Maycock concludes, “The ISO journey has been great, anyone we recommend ISO to, we recommend IMSM because we found our consultant so easy to work with which is fantastic. They were practical and straight speaking, with no private agenda. They came in and did the job and helped make our business better for us, which is great and just what we wanted them to do.


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