B2 Business Systems Ltd

BY Rebecca Randles ON 3rd February 2015.

Established for 20 years, B2 Business Systems Ltd. (B2) started out as a door to door Xerox Photocopier reseller. As things developed and evolved, and copiers also became printers, B2 realised, during installation, they were also doing a lot of work with their clients’ IT networks. Gradually B2 employed more and more specialised IT staff, until eventually they formed their own IT department selling IT solutions. On the back of selling the photocopiers and printers, they also began selling paper and stationary and subsequently another branch of the business was developed, selling office supplies. B2 trade in these three different areas and been successful at doing so.

In recent years Xerox have announced that the days of selling photocopiers is coming to an end and the market is now shifting to fully ‘managed print service’, which is streamline management and minimising the costs associated with printing and imaging. B2 understood that they would have to go through some significant changes in the way the company is run and the way it works in order to stay competitive.

It is thought that, in a couple of years, smaller companies selling photocopiers and office supplies alone will cease to exist. With the focus moving to managed services, installing multiple machines right across the board and reducing costs, meaning bigger projects and accounts. Mr. Ian Challinor, Implementation Manager explains, “As part of this shift forward, B2 looked at ISO and ISO has now become our way of saying to our customers ‘we are one step above the competition, we have done that little bit more and we have now got a quality process in place which is ISO 9001. We are a quality company and everything is carried out in a very structured way. It’s a model that works’.” On the back of the ISO 9001, B2 has also achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management because “it ties in nicely with ISO 9001”. B2 is also currently working towards ISO 27001 Information and Data Security.

Internally the ISO’s have “absolutely helped” B2 with their processes. There was nothing implemented that they weren’t already doing. Mr. Challinor continues, “It’s just tweaks here and there and the tweaks we have made have really improved the systems. We have found ourselves creating things and changing processes in ways that we would never have thought of without the ISO guidelines in place. Without having to prove that we do this and that, we would never make those changes and for that, it has made B2 a better company.

“Externally, we are singing from the rooftops! It goes out in all our literature and it’s a great thing to talk about.”

Mr. Challinor comments on his experience with IMSM, “Our IMSM Assessor was absolutely fantastic; they knew exactly what they were doing. They came in and had a chat with us initially, then came back in and did the assessment with us. They then presented us with the manual, which we were all a bit scared to even look at, but when we did it was very satisfying when we realised that, yes, we do that and it sounds really good! Our Assessor was brilliant throughout the whole process, even the after support was offered for whenever we had questions and it’s been great for things like that. In terms of the support from them, it’s been very good.”

Mr. Challinor concludes, “The ISO was quite an easy thing to get; I think it’s keeping it that is going to be the real challenge.”


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