Acorn Computer Recycling

BY Rebecca Randles ON 30th December 2011.

Acorn Computer Recycling (CIC), based in Wallsend, North Tyneside, originated from Segedunum Computers, which was a successful computer retail and repair shop. Acorn’s Director, Mr. Ernie Nolan along with his long term business partner Mr David Ireland also a Director realised that there was a lot of computers and computer parts going to landfill that were reusable. Specialising in PC repairs, upgrades and sales of ancillary merchandise, since Acorn’s inception in 2008, the business enjoys an excellent reputation amongst its customer base.

Acorn decided to pursue the ISO 9001 Quality Management certification because other companies were stipulated it as a requisite in order to do business with them. Acorn also believed that a Quality Management System (QMS) would be a positive attribute for the company. All companies that Acorn work with have the ISO 9001 and so they set about putting it in place within their own company.

Ms.Tracy Lee, Units Manager, describes the impact that ISO certification has had on Acorn Computer Recycling, “Our original goals, in undertaking the ISO have been met. Our paperwork is all in place and done in the correct manner now. We had a lot of the paperwork in place already, just not as well as it should have been. Now that we have the ISO certification logo, it is going on all of our paperwork and advertising materials, and so we are hoping that this will continue to encourage more and more business.”

The next logical step for Acorn, Ms. Lee believes, is to complete the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard. “Being a computer handling company dealing with reuse & recycling, it all comes under the environmental heading.”

So, why did they choose IMSM? “The IMSM Area Manager had a great sales pitch! They didn’t lead us to believe anything that was or wasn’t going to happen. They said it as it was and I felt comfortable with them.

When IMSM first went through it all with us it felt daunting, but we slipped in to the routine quite easily. It was very easy working with IMSM and it only took just over a month because we had a lot of the paperwork in place, we just had to explain what processes we went through with certain things and before we knew it, the manuals were being placed in front of us to check though.”