Quality vs Quantity in 2015

BY andrewb ON 5th February 2015.

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In the past, businesses were faced with the dilemma of not being able to meet high production demands, however they were producing high quality products (perhaps due to slow machinery or time consuming quality control checks). Over recent years quality seems to have taken a dip and companies have been focusing on higher volumes, thus overlooking quality.

As a whole, today’s organisations tend to focus on increasing productivity/demand and jeopardising quality with the overall desire of procuring the highest possible profit revenue.

Many companies are now coming up with new innovative ideas; to constantly diversify, consequently enabling them to stand out from the competition and helping to meet changing customer demands.

Organisations whom manage to retain both quantity and quality and would like to demonstrate this to potential clients, can do so by gaining ISO 9001. ISO 9001 will better equip your business to meet customers’ needs, improving the customer focus throughout the business. It signifies to customers that the organisation has a continuous improvement process in place and will be continuously improving its productive efficiency.

ISO 9001 certification has helped many companies across the world to become recognised for quality products, in the process, increasing customer satisfaction and as a by-product often decreasing product wastage.

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