Next Generation of Health & Safety Management

BY James Slade ON 24th November 2016.

iso 45001


A lot can happen in 15 seconds around the world. Be it the 1,125 McDonalds burgers that are sold, 69,000 tweets posted or the $21,000 of commerce on Amazon. But did you know that in those 15 seconds 153 people experience a work-related injury, and one worker will be killed.

A shocking statistic not just signs on walls or reflective jackets can rectify, it’s a statistic which calls for robust and effective internal processes that feed into a robust and effective management system – ISO 45001, the new Occupational Health & Safety Management System (Due to be published in Q4 of 2016)

The new standard, with the nature of its remit, follows the same Simple Risk Based approach that is consistent with the BS OHSAS 18001, a popular standard developed by the British Standards Institute, which means organisations are expected to be able to easily transition from the BS OHSAS 18001 to the new ISO 45001 standard.

As apparent in the 2015 revisions to the 9001 (Quality Management) and 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) standards, the 45001 is expected to place a higher onus on top management of organisations to show commitment to leadership of the PDCA Cycle, as well as taking ownership of many more OHS processes and systems.

The new standard has seen invaluable input from the IOSH (Institution of Occupational Health and Safety) and the ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers), and has been led by a delegate team from countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Rwanda.

IMSM are still encouraging organisations to carry on with implementation of the current BS OHSAS 18001, which will make the transition (Of which IMSM facilitates) smoother and less intrusive to your organisation.