Make your Business More Productive

BY andrewb ON 27th January 2014.


Every business wants to be more productive. And to be productive, it’s not about necessarily working harder, but working smarter.

Taking the time out to step back and scrutinise existing processes and procedures is hard when other demands are pressing, since it requires a real investment of time, thought and money.

However, rethinking processes and operations and placing an emphasis on quality management and consumer satisfaction can have a far-reaching impact on a business’ ultimate success.

1. Standardise!

Applying intelligent, industry best-practice standards to every single production process and management system can make a huge difference in boosting consistency, quality and efficiency. Be utterly ruthless in eliminating redundant processes, and establish a benchmark for different tasks.

2. Value!

Each member of staff is a valuable and unique asset. At successful companies, every employee understands that he or she has an important responsibility to make things better on a continual basis. Invest in regular training for your staff, so that they’re always advancing in their professional development: ultimately, the better-equipped they are to do the job, the better they can do it!

3. Communicate!

Poor communication can lead to all kinds of redundant tasks and inefficiencies. Information is power, and when it’s not flowing freely in every direction, staff are not equipped to make the best decisions. Nurturing communication and requesting feedback, particularly when companies reach a certain size, should be an ongoing priority.

animation24. Use Technology!

Technology has revolutionised the way we live and work. Going digital is a no-brainer, reducing costs and waste, increasing flexibility and portability, and providing the ultimate boost to efficiency. It’s also invaluable for storing and analysing data that can be used as feedback to transform strategy.

It’s important to keep your finger on the pulse, paying attention to the latest technological innovations that could help your business processes. Make all the right investments so your staff have an edge.
But a word of warning: technology can be a distraction and a time-waster, so make sure you’re its master not its slave.

5. Set Goals and Targets!

Feelings mean nothing in business. Setting particular goals and targets, according to your key performance and productivity factors, and then regularly assessing whether you’re meeting them is a great way to ensuring that you’re really moving forward rather than just stagnating.
Of course, becoming ISO 9001 certified is one of the most important things your company can do to increase its productivity. IMSM’s experienced advisors will help you make the vital strategic changes that will serve your business both now and for many years to come.