Leading Train Operator steams ahead with ISO 14001:2015 Certification

BY Rebecca Randles ON 17th September 2015.


Northern Rail, the north of England’s primary rail operator, is the first organisation to implement and be certified to the new, updated ISO 14001:2015 standard.

The new standard focuses on the environment and an organisations impact upon it. It was successfully released just two days ago and Northern Rail’s accomplishment is extremely encouraging to the thousands of organisations up and down the country, and internationally.

Although the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) have allowed three years in which to upgrade existing EMS’s (Environmental Management Systems), we do encourage organisations to contact us in the near future; to ascertain what upgrade options are available to you and how we can assist in making the transition as smooth as possible.

Northern Rail was formed in 2004 and employee nearly 5000 people in the north of England, in their day to day operations they serve a populous of almost 15 million. They operate in 20% of all UK Rail stations (464 of which are directly managed by Northern Rail) and they operate 313 trains, and along with the industry, many of these are electric, with further plans to grow their electric fleet in the coming years.

To add to Northern Rail’s achievement of an extremely punctual ISO 14001:2015 transition, they maintain a 91.9% punctuality record which has risen from 83% in their establishment year of 2004, this example of continual improvement is one that more often than not will stem from a healthy ISO Quality Management System, be it the 14001 Environmental or the 9001 Quality Management.

To coincide with their 14001 success, the operator has displayed excellent environmental prudence, being awarded with the prestigious Sustainable Business of the year award (Part of the Environment & Energy Awards).

We at IMSM congratulate Northern Rail on their ISO 14001:2015 success and look forward to assisting with our client’s transition towards the new standard.

If you have any questions regarding updating your own ISO 14001:2015 system, please contact us at marketing@imsm.com