Business Growth Tips

BY andrewb ON 25th November 2013.


The success of a business does not depend on introducing a product that’s new to the market and has no competition, but, rather, depends on how you manage your brand and present it to the target audience.

Tips to help your business grow:-

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel: innovation is great and always pays off, however for small businesses it’s better to conduct research on the competition and check what’s missing in their business and use it to sell your product.
  • It’s all about quality: today everyone wants to buy products that are high in quality value. Your competitors may have lower prices than yours however a good quality product will make your product stand tall above the competition.
  • Know your market: is there a demand for the products? Studying the needs of the market and having a unique selling point will help your business grow.
  • Better location: location plays a very important part in the business. If your business can be easily located or with better parking and closer to public transport this should attract more customers.
  • Certifications: it’s always better to have a respected certifying body approve your achievements – such as quality standards followed at work or for employee health and safety. Awards – such as ISO – provide evidence that you work to higher quality standards.
  • Customer service: customer service is the backbone of the business. It supports the whole business and acts as a customer’s first point and last point of contact. Remind your staff to smile and be polite and train them to build a rapport with the customer.
  • Offers and promotions: regular offers to promote your product, perhaps a discount sale or offering a free product that complements you’re offering. Small promotions will make difference.
  • Digital marketing: harness the power of social media to market your product, and keep updating your website.