Bizarre Facts: Information Security

BY reno ON 1st February 2015.

Everybody knows that information security is essential; but is your information as secure as you think? Here are some facts that might surprise you:

  • 30% of the world’s population are internet users.
  • 65% of internet users are affected by online security threats like viruses or identity theft.

Gmail-SpamsHere’s a breakdown of the proportion of computers affected:

Malware: 64%
Trojans: 79.92%
Worms: 10.78%
Viruses: 7.44%
Adware: 2.69%

  • Security breaches reached their highest levels in 2013 and cost UK organisations billions of pounds.
  • 74% of all businesses and 94% of large companies had an IT security incident in the last year, up from 44% of all businesses in 2002 and just 24% in 2000.
  • Spam activity drops 25% over the weekend, pointing to the fact that work computers are specifically targeted.
  • 79% of spam is in English.
  • Small businesses have experienced the highest increase in security incidents. The generally lax standard of small business information security is thought to be to blame.
  • Not all security breaches are malicious: inadvertent human error from within organisations was responsible 36% of the very worst ones!
  • Social networking sites caused security problems for 14% of large organisations and smartphones/tablets for 9%.
  • The average computer incident costs large companies £120,000 a time.
  •  The average UK business now has roughly one security incident a month; larger ones suffer around one a week.
  • A Windows machine can be hacked in 1h 17m.
  • Mobile phone based Malware grew by 2,577% in 2012 alone, with Android being targeted by 95% of the threats.
  • Every hour sees 6,300 new online threats emerge.