ISO 45001 Delayed until December 2017

BY Olivia Franklin ON 28th November 2016.

The International Standardization Organization (ISO) has recently confirmed that the new ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems- is expected to be released in December of 2017.

The new standard is designed to replace BS OHSAS 18001, as this is a British Standard and somewhat out-dated. The new ISO 45001 standard will help organisations to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions all over the world.

What’s new?..

  • As with all new ISO standards, the new ISO 45001 will follow the Annex Sl structure.
  • Will now be an International standard rather than a British standard.
  • The context of the organisation is being revised – Organisations should not only consider what health and safety issues impact them directly but also take into account the wider society and how what they do can impact the surrounding community.
  • As with the new ISO 9001 2015..Top Management will be a key focus of change –Health and Safety will no longer be the sole responsibility of the Health and Safety Manager but also top management.

Further changes may arise closer to the time!

For more information on ISO 45001 or changing your BS OHAS 18001 to the new standard please contact: